SafeLine 200mm Yellow Anti Slip Tape – 18 Metre Roll

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Yellow 18 metre roll with AS4586:2013 P5 slip resistance rating

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SafeLine 200mm Yellow Anti Slip tape. 18 Metre Roll

Supplied as a 18 metre long roll, this 200mm Yellow anti slip tape comes with a pressure sensitive, self adhesive backing allowing easy installation. Manufactured from a unique combination of aluminium oxide and a thick plastic carrier, it provides a AS4586:2013 P5 slip resistance rating and its suitable for use in wet and dry conditions. The extra wide 200mm width is perfect for covering the full depth of the stair tread or to cover expansion joints and other areas which could cause a slip hazard. SafeLine 200mm anti slip tape is also available in Black and Grey.

Additional information

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 17 x 17 x 20 cm

SafeLine anti slip tape is manufactured from a unique combination of aluminium oxide and a thick plastic carrier to provide a flexible yet durable non slip solution


Easy DIY Install

Peel&Stick pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) backing that ensures permanent adhesion to almost any surface


Standards Compliant

Confirms to the slip resistance requirements of AS4586:2013 and Volumes 1 and 2 of the 2015 NCC


Extreme temperature resistance

Withstands temperatures below -30ºC and up to 120ºC making it perfectly suitable for the harsh Australian climate


Uniquely flexible

Unique flexibility allows SafeLine to bend in excess of 90º and conform to uneven surfaces without damage to the tape


Any Surface

Can be retro-fitted onto ceramic tiles, timber, metal and almost any other smooth surface


Range of options

SafeLine is available in five widths and multiple colours to ensure you have a suitable product for your application

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